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So many preowned vehicle options it's like a Used Car Factory!


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Drive Park Avenue is an outlet for selected highline car dealers.
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Every day our network of high-line, luxury New Vehicle dealerships trade-in fantastic cars, SUV’s, jeeps, trucks, and vans. These preowned vehicles are typically in excellent condition and would be sold on the dealers’ lots if they had the room to keep all the used cars they take in trade. Unfortunately, in the New Car business, selection is everything so most space goes to maintaining as large an inventory of New cars as possible. Used vehicles of lesser quality or condition are shipped to auctions, but the really good stuff is made available to us. At any given time, we have hundreds of reliable, high-quality, used vehicles in our inventory and ready for your consideration. 

Because we have relationships with so many dealers, we are also able to source New vehicles at below market prices. Without the overhead of supporting a huge New vehicle inventory and the millions of dollars’ worth of Parts required to service those vehicles we are often able to offer pricing below that of the dealerships that carry the brand.

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